We went up and down by elevator.

Our class went on an excursion to Hakone.

I haven't heard from Jackye.

You can't do this!

Everyone wants to know you; you're famous.

The influence of covariates on the primary outcome variable was explored using logistic regression.

Why didn't Barbara say anything?

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

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Why can't you stay with Leif?

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Duane's French is surprisingly good.

Did the police ever question you?

Maps were distributed to all the soldiers.


I never expected this.


Let's keep things as simple as we can.

Forecasting is the way of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't.

Alice wasn't present at the meeting, was she?

Isidore has stopped coming to school.

I need a lamp.


Obey your parents.

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"Same difference", he said.

You sounded just like Tigger.

Julius made plans.

He was thirsty enough to drink a well dry.

That's just an excuse.

Heavy rain throughout the night has hampered efforts to rescue survivors from the stricken ferry.

This isn't journalism; this is trash.

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Please don't worry about me.

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Randolph typed in the password.

I know that Avery is happy.

I will tell him about it when he comes next time.


Are you going to the concert tonight?


I hope you guys brought your swimsuits.


Do you want to marry Mara or not?

I'm thinking of getting me one of those.

Panacea and Belinda decorated the Christmas tree.

Four families were killed in the fire.

All those books are mine.


You don't owe me anything.

He can't take his eyes off her.

Xiaoming doesn't know how to control herself.

Pilar likes blondes.

Ramiro would rather stay.

It's so good to see you.

They were busy.


Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is not included in the CD you bought.


Pete asked Eva to give a speech at his school.

His wish is a command for me.

It was on a Christmas when it snowed heavily.

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There were police everywhere.

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Let's decide together where to go first.

I have a proposition, Tobias.

Are you telling me you don't love me?

The two sides negotiated for days.

The lake is big.

That was a much happier time.

The king rules over the country.


My grandfather likes looking at colorful carp in the pond on a fine day.

Hey there, boys! Where's that shark?

Three years is a long time, I feel.


Japan surpasses China in economic power.

It's bad manners to point at people.

I really need to get going.

Upon arriving home, he immediately set about preparing a meal.

Please give Damon my apologies.

Kee is willing to testify.

Never assume that.

You probably haven't yet finished your homework.

George has a driver's license.


I'd bet my life on it.

Why did he leave so suddenly?

He is better off than he used to be.

Guido stayed outside.

I've never even shot a gun.


What conclusions can we draw?

Curt wants you to do it.

Mr Brown is our English teacher.

The principal goal of NASA's Juno mission is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

Frank Sinatra was an American singer.

Would you like some sugar in your tea?

Yes, I'm in a rush.

We need to discuss this with Donn.

I need those files.

To tell the truth, I didn't do my homework.

Let this little book be thy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thou canst not find a dearer companion.

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In my high-school's dormitory, the first years share a room with another student, but starting from the second year, students have individual rooms.

At different times of year, different constellations can be seen in the sky.

I might be willing to do it.

The email is not registered, or the password does not match.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.


We began to sail in the direction of the port.

Casper asked Dannie why she was crying.

What is the meaning of this word?

I forgot to tell you about Myrick.

He is afraid of death.


I am here.

They went to Chicago by car.

How big is the company?

I promise you every possible compensation.

I've been very hungry since this morning.

It is often said that if you use certain ("environmentally friendly") products, you will be "saving the earth". Unfortunately, such products are, in many cases, merely less destructive than their conventional equivalent.

You have me at a disadvantage, Jill.


His family is large.

Tatoeba users can be divided into four ideal-typical groups: readers, authors, translators and proofreaders.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Tell me the reason why you want to live in the countryside.

I hope Mechael isn't angry.

This TV doesn't come with an HDMI cable.

They vary from the norm.

Still, the war was not over.

You're not finished.


I can't get a hold of them.

I guess I'm a little tired.

It was a terrible day.

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He went abroad with a view to learning English.

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Sometimes I feel like a burden to the people around me.

We have less than three minutes left.

Lar isn't the same age as Marco.

We're all big fans of your music around here.

We're going to have to stop Danielle.

Since Joni had a little free time, he decided to go swimming.

It's a mistake that anyone can make.

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Tell me how to find him.


I play the piano after supper.


I've been on my own these past few months.


How can I change your mind?

I punctured a tire.

Help me finish building this vole ladder and I'll treat you to dinner.


I must find out.

I got sick last week.

I need a hot chocolate.

It's still functioning.

Let's let Marcos try doing that again.

I handed her her gloves.

Curtis isn't as active as he used to be.


Sam is familiar with things Japanese.

Mann should relax.

As I wrote above, the book arrived in defective condition.

We must help him immediately.

I've been wanting to do that for a very long time.

Happiness isn't the destination, happiness is the journey.

I'm not sure I agree with her.

It could happen again.

We haven't seen each other for such a long time.


In his autobiography, he repeatedly refers to his unhappy school days.


My bag is too old. I must buy a new one.


In hard times, in sorrowful times, let's try doing something for other people.

I'll eat something light.

She is the editor-in-chief.

How unfortunate!

We have been dating for only a few days.

A book came for you in the mail today.

The storm broke.

He is a university student.

The main crop of Japan is rice.

4-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

I want to apologize for all the things I said earlier today.

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I can't tell whether it landed upside down, inside out, or backwards.

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With the increase in the number of cars, the atmosphere will get worse and worse.

Do you really think it's bad?

No special equipment is needed to do this job.

Lately high school girls are using their cell phones to exchange e-mail.

I shouldn't have believed her.